Justin Bieber Just Went Full Jonah From ‘Summer Heights High’ & It’s Gold

Justin Bieber has responded to critics of his most recent bird-flipping display by straight-up delivering a series of Summer Heights High impressions on Instagram. No, really.

For context: Bieber was spotted by Channel 7 news crews hanging out at his Sunshine Coast accommodation yesterday, following his Brisbane gig on Monday. In footage taken by Channel 7, a crew member can be heard asking “can we have a hello for your fans, Justin?”

In response, Bieber gave ’em the finger, and told the crew to “fuck off, mate.” That footage did the rounds, and it elicited the same kind of social media criticism Bieber has faced for the majority of his career. 

And here we are. This afternoon, Bieber asked himself some questions in the form of an Insta vid, and responded by aping the hell out of Chris Lilley. According to him, he never told the crew to fuck off – pucking off is a different matter entirely.

SORRY BEN – If you don’t get the context its from an Australian TV show called “Summer Heights High”.

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In all honesty, it’s a lil’ sweet he decided to credit the show in the caption for all of his international fans who think his Jonah impression may be halfway passable.

Bieber is taking to the stage in Sydney tonight. No word on whether or not he’ll bust out his Mr. G.

Source and photo: Justin Bieber / Instagram.