Justice Produce Using Garage Band

We all know †will probably end up a best seller, but did you know our French home boys made most of it GarageBand? We didn’t, well that was until we read Pitchfork’s latest interview with the duo.

“A lot of people think it’s bullshit when we say we use GarageBand, but it’s actually an amazing tool.”

Whilst digging up some juice on the relationship between GarageBand and Pedro’s pair I came across an interview with remix mag where Pitchfork’s q’s stem from.

“We used to work with hardware and synths for the previous singles, but for the album we mainly used software, particularly Cubase and GarageBand.” Gaspy told remix mag. Before Xavier went on to say; “We love the flexibility and the possibilities offered by software. A lot of people say that software is shit because it doesn’t sound like analog-hardware stuff. I think the fact that it doesn’t sound like analog gear — but something else entirely — is why we like to use it.”

But the part we <3 most about Justice is the fact their studio quiver barring computers wouldn’t even reach 4 figures: “Cubase SX, GarageBand [on an Apple G5], we mainly used the sound libraries, which are quite amazing. [Also in the duo’s bare-bones setup is an Apogee Ensemble interface and, for monitors, Altec iPod speakers and a Bose radio alarm clock.]”