Can you even believe that we’re at the tail-end of June already? Have you spent hours trying to warm yourself up only to stick a single toe out of the blankets, inciting a cold as chilling as the Ice King‘s arctic dick to amass over your mere mortal body, fearing you will never be truly warm ever again?

Well, none of that matters right now, because it’s time once again to yank the headphones out of the backs of the computers here at PEDESTRIAN.TV, allowing the music we’ve been blaring into our earholes to ring out awkwardly across the office. Then we note them down, and then we bring them to you.

This month we have a bunch of stuff from the blissfully indie, to funky grooves that make you wanna get into the beers early, and hip-hop straight out of the least-expected pockets of the world (hint: it’s Belgium) through to a legit pop starlet herself.

Plug in and we’ll get this started, shall we?

Rest Your Head – Better Half

I’ve been absolutely belting the debut EP by Melbourne band Better Half. Titled, ‘Maybe I Was Wrong‘, the offering presents are a wide range of sounds by a band who are sure to do amazing things moving forward.

Standout track ‘Rest Your Head‘ encompasses everything you loved about your emo phase with the modern punk sounds of bands like Title Fight and Our Past Days. It’s sad in the best possible way, so chuck it on your depressing Monday playlist.

– Matt Hopkins, Gaming & Tech Editor

Fade – Annie Hamilton

You might remember this sweet angel from her time with Sydney band Little May – Annie Hamilton has been real busy with her other creative pursuits (she’s a designer and an artist, talk about triple threat) but has finally come back home to create some gorgeous indie/alt-rock as a solo act.

Fade is her first single as a one-babe-act and the way it ebbs and flows, building up to a crescendo that bursts and blooms makes you feel like you’re waking up from hibernation in the gentle warmth of spring, under the spell of a giddy crush. It’s a belter, and I’m so excited to hear everything Annie’s got up her sleeve.

– Courtney Fry, Music & Culture Editor

Lesbian Devastation – The Mother’s Club

My friend Lucy started a band recently called The Mother’s Club, and they dropped their first single the other week.

Lesbian Devastation‘ is lo-fi and fun, doesn’t take itself too seriously but definitely taps into those heartbreak feels. I’m really into their sound, watch this space IMO.

– Melissa Mason, Senior Style & Features Editor

Space Between The Planets – ORB

I still stand by ORB being one of the best Australian live bands. They’re yet another gem amongst the Flightless Records roster and do not disappoint on their latest single.

It’s a wild ride that shifts between big fuzzy riffs and more jazzy instrumentals, all the while singing about outer space. Plug in and bliss out for a bit.

– Kylie O’Connell, Senior Creative Projects Manager

Whasgood?! – Blackwave

I’ve been listening to a heap of good indie hip-hop stuff coming out of Belgium who has a surprisingly great scene. US hip-hop is obviously very fixated at the moment on big trap beats and the new wave of emo hip-hop, which is great, but sometimes you want something a little funkier and chiller, and Belgium is serving that up in spades.

I have no idea why but good on them for giving it a red hot go.

– James Hennessy, Deputy Editor

New Years Leave – Jackie Brown Jr

It’s actually impossible to not bop along to the brilliantly groovy and funky Jackie Brown Jr – a young band with a horn section that’s to be envied. A huge band with a lot of good vibes that forces even the most stoic of people firmly in mosh retirement to have a bit of a boogie.

Liveliness and sheer joy seeps through their music, and if you ever get the chance to catch them live, lemme tell ya it’s a real party.

– Courtney Fry, Music & Culture Editor

Nerve – Jordan Rakei

Two days ago I discovered this New Zealand artist called Jordan Rakei. Been listening to his song ‘Nerve‘ on repeat. He has some great skills on guitar too and is easy on the eyes. He reminds me of Jarryd James/John Mayer type, a real panty-dropping sorta RnB vibe. Plus his cover of Frank Ocean‘s ‘Lost‘ is so so good.

– Georgia Turner, Office Manager

Nobody – Mitski

Mitski is a bit of a dreamboat. Her music feels somewhat magical – so effortless and real. Her new single’Nobody‘ is more pop than most of her other songs, which means you just might have an excuse to dance on this pleasant Friday afternoon.

Also, Iggy Pop recently coined her the “the most advanced American songwriter” that he knows, and if that’s not enough to convince you to press play, then I don’t know what is!

– Kylie O’Connell, Senior Creative Projects Manager

My Pelopolees – Tasman Keith

I’m seriously vibing the amount of Indigenous Australian artists that are breaking through into more mainstream music scenes, and especially those who are crafting lyrics with their ancesteral language. It’s no secret that a lot of the traditional languages of Australia are being slowly lost, so having artists reclaim them as use them as ways to weave stories with their music is something to be respected.

Tasman Keith just dropped his new track ‘My Pelopolees‘ and it’s the kinda fast-paced chopper rap reminiscent of big hitters like Kendrick Lamar and Busta Rhymes.

Some big vibes coming from this Gumbaynggirr artist, keep an eye on him.

– Courtney Fry, Music & Culture Editor

Glamorous – Fergie

It’s an oldie but it’s such a Friday mood – I like to listen to it on my commute and pretend I am better than everyone on the train, despite being broke and working 9-5.

I also imagine myself as Fergie in the private plane scene from the film clip (the part I resonate the most with is “I still go to Taco Bell”)it keeps me humble, no matter how successful I think I am.

– Chris Lewis, Advertising & Partnerships Manager

Canary Yellow – Deafheaven

The first time I listened to this song I was blown away because it was so gorgeous and intricate; the use of working beats that were *just* off-time seemed so groundbreaking and I had firmly punched a hole into the office floor and thrown my chair out the window. Deafheaven had somehow managed to fucking RUIN MY BRAIN and melt off my face once again.

Turns out I’d somehow opened the track in two windows and they were playing at the same time, half a beat off.

Anyway, ‘Canary Yellow‘ is an absolute face-slapper of a song and I’m so fucken JAZZED for the new record. You think it’s going to be gentle and shoegaze-heavy, but then it cracks and explodes, and it knocked the wind straight out of my lungs and tore all the muscles off my bones.

Get the fuck around it.

– Courtney Fry, Music & Culture Editor

Image: Apatow Productions