Julianne Moore Lesbian Film Tunes By Bowie, MGMT

Filmmaker Lisa Cholodenko’s Sundance hit ‘The Kids Are All Right’ is an intimate portrait of a ‘modern family’ consisting of mum and mum, daughter and son, with the ‘dad’ role narrowed down to a specimen selected from the local sperm bank. When the kids become teenagers they decide to look for their biological father – cue dramatic tension and the upheaval of the uncomplicated (if traditionally unconventional) family life. Julianne Moore and Annette Bening star as the middle-aged lesbian partners, Australian actress Mia Wasikowska (the Alice of Tim Burton’s ‘Wonderland‘) as one of the teenage kids, and Mark Ruffalo as the sperm donor father.

‘The Kids Are All Right’ premiered here this month at the Sydney Festival. It’s a film that draws you into the emotional vulnerabilities of familial relationships. It’s endearing characters and comedic anecdotes have made it a film that’s been reviewed and raved about following it’s Sundance debut and there’s even talks of a potential Oscar nomination. And Julianne and Annette make a super cute couple. When it will be released in mainstream cinemas is yet to be announced.

However the soundtrack will be released on August 3 and available digitally on July 6, and with a collection of tracks from the likes of David Bowie, Fever Ray, Tame Impala, MGMT, Deerhoof and Joni Mitchell, it sounds more than just ‘alright’.


01. The Youth – MGMT
02. Black Country Rock – David Bowie
03. Sundown Syndrome – Tame Impala
04. When I Grow Up – Fever Ray
05. Out In The Woods – Leon Russell
06. Milk Man – Deerhoof
07. The New World – X
08. Same High – Uh Huh Her
09. Win – David Bowie
10. Slippin’ – Quadron
11. All I Want – Joni Mitchell
12. Knife – CSS
13. Blues Alley – Geology ft. Yukimi Nagano
14. Galatea’s Guitar – Gabor Szabo
15. Good Lovin’ – Betty Wright