Julian Assange Is Making Music Now With Tom Morello, Media Soundbites

Have you ever looked at Lady Gaga or M.I.A. and thought “I could definitely do that” but knew deep down inside that you couldn’t actually because you haven’t been outside in over a year and just because you met a musician that one time doesn’t mean you have to make music? 

Turns out slashie polymath Julian Assange had that exact thought but suppressed it anyway and is now making music with the help of Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello and Latin Grammy addicts Calle 13.
Via The Daily Swarm, here’s Assange’s music debut press release: Double GRAMMY & Nineteen-Time LATIN GRAMMY winners Calle 13 collaborate with Julian Assange, Tom Morello and Kamilya Jubram on new song “Multi_Viral”
Below is the trailer for ‘Multi_Viral’, which appears to sample media soundbites and hashtags translated into Spanish to harness the power of a popular media/music rebellion: 

Wow. Very Internet, much hashtag, such_viral.