The Internet Is Having A Conniption Over JLO’s Motown Grammys Tribute

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

The Grammys are spewing out stellar performance after stellar performance this year, from Lady Gaga absolutely belting ‘Shallow’ as we all knew she would, to Miley Cyrus taking the stage with godmother Dolly fucken Parton for ‘Jolene’.

[jwplayer ogf981l4]

But one performance that is not generating rave reviews online is JLO’s Motown tribute.

Not because she’s a shitty performer (um hello, NEVER call JLO a shitty performer or you’ll end up cursed and will never be able to grind on a dance floor again, fact), but because she’s not a black artist.

There was also shade thrown for alleged pre-recorded vocals.

But this has to be the hands-down winner of best JLO-related Grammys tweet.