Jimmy Fallon & The Roots Cover ‘Call Me Maybe’ With Classroom Instruments

Unstoppable pop anthem ‘Call Me Maybe‘ has a higher conversion rate than – sorry, I can no longer continue with that analogy because I don’t understand money/evangelism very well.

What I’m trying to say is it’s darn catchy, and its sickly sweet disco strings could win over even the most painfully elitist music blogger (although they’d never admit to it). It’s like a tube of aural Pringles: once you pop… You know the rest. After winning endorsements from the artist formerly known as James Franco and more recently Barack Obama (sort of), Late Night host Jimmy Fallon and his incomparable in-house band The Roots have teamed up with the 26 year-old (I know right, she’s not fourteen!) for an adorable music class rendition of the song, which has so far failed to topple Gotye from the top-spot on US Charts.

Maybe this will give Jepsen that much-needed final push to claim her first #1? And hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but resistance is futile, so embrace it maybe?

And for those of you who won’t budge, here’s my favourite ‘Call Me, Memeby’ for the week: