Jim Morrison’s Ghost Haunts His Grave

The miracles of modern science have gifted us NASA’s Space Program, instantaneous global communication and TiVo. But if the UK’s Daily Express is to be believed the greatest contribution modern science has offered the world is conclusive proof that ghosts exist!

In 1997 rock historian Brett Meisner took a picture at the Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris, paying respects to his hero, The Doors frontman Jim Morrison. It wasn’t until five years later that Meisner noticed a hazy figure in the background that appeared to be Morrison himself. Was it trick photography? Does Van Kilmer have too much time on his hands? Or was this in fact, the silhouette of Morrison’s ghost?

For all you non-believers The Daily Express reports: “According to a new book, Ghosts Caught on Film 2: Photographs of the Unexplained researchers have, to this day, been unable to explain the picture. A trick of the light has, apparently, been ruled out while image manipulation – the most likely explanation – also appears ‘unlikely’. In fact, the book goes even further, and concludes the image is simply unexplainable.”

Daily Exchange via The Daily Swarm