Kanye West Announces Third (And Hopefully Final) ‘Jesus Is King’ Release Date

jesus is king

Yeezy fans get ready because Kanye West has just announced that we’ll (probably) be getting to hear his new record this week.

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Kanye West took to Twitter today to announce the impending arrival of his latest musical baby Jesus Is King, which is now set to drop on October 25.


Considering October 25 is the third possible release date we’ve received for Jesus Is King since Kim Kardashian first told us it was dropping on September 27, I’m taking it with a grain of salt at this stage.

However, October 25 is the confirmed release date of his accompanying IMAX doco, so it wouldn’t exactly be surprising if the record dropped on the same day.

Honestly, we’ve been waiting for this album to drop for so long that I’m not even sure I want it anymore. The hype for this album has been too much. We were supposed to get our hands on Jesus Is King on September 29, but instead Kanye just threw a Sunday Service event, and has done so every week since then all over the world. Most recently, Kayne’s world-famous Sunday Service took place in Kingston, Jamaica over the weekend.

Jeez, Yeez, this album better be pure fire because he’s sure made us wait for it.

Jesus Is King is his first release since he decided to take his music in an exclusively gospel direction.

Thanks to a sneaky share from Kim Kardashian, we know that the album will feature (at least) 12 tracks, all with Christian-related titles.

Personally I have a feeling this is all just hype for the documentary that we already know is hitting theatres on October 25. His tweet doesn’t explicitly say that the ALBUM is being released, just that something to do with JIK is happening on the 25th.

I know, I know, the record must mean that he’s releasing the album on Friday. But I’m sorry folks, I do not trust a word this man says anymore. He has played with my heart too many times.

Unfortunately we’re just going to have to take Kayne’s (very unreliable) word on this one and sit here and twiddle our thumbs until October 25 rolls around. In the mean time, here are some of the most glorious reactions to the Jesus Is King release date.