Somebody Call The Pope ’Coz Kanye Just Delayed ‘Jesus Is King’ For A Fourth Time

Well folks, I don’t mean to break your heart but Kanye West’s highly anticipated Jesus Is King album has been delayed yet again. Am I shocked? Not even a little bit. But I am disappointed.

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Earlier today I officially put myself on full-time #YeezWatch until Kanye finally drops Jesus Is King. But it looks like the wait could be even longer than we first thought, with the iconic rapper announcing that he’s still working on three (3) (THREE!!) of the tracks.

If you think you’re a serial procrastinator, at least you’re not as bad as Yeezy, who is notorious for leaving huge chunks of his musical work until mere hours before the album is scheduled to drop. I bet that makes you feel a little better about that uni assignment that’s due on Monday, doesn’t it?

The Yeez took to Twitter on Friday afternoon to announce that his team is still working on the mixes for “Everything We Need”, “Follow God” and “Water”.

In just over half an hour, the tweet has picked up more than 80,000 likes and 20,000 retweets, as well as thousands of replies from disappointed fans.

I know what you’re thinking, surely Kanye Fucking West (official middle name) would have a super professional team of producers that have his shit sorted weeks before the release. Surely! Well, apparently not.

Can somebody please get this man an assistant? He recently told Zane Lowe that he’s got another album on the way before Christmas, as well as the highly anticipated Yandhi drop, but he’s not even finished mixing the album that’s due out in less than two hours. Seriously, Yeez. You’re killing me.

But the good news is, Mr West has announced that he’s not sleeping until Jesus Is King is out. So, we’re either getting it today, or Kanye is a lizard person who doesn’t need sleep (in which case, we’ve got far bigger fish to fry).

We covered the Jesus Is King release date earlier this week, hoping that it’d be the final date, but it looks like we could be sorely mistaken. The clock is a’ticking Kanye. Tick, tock, tick tock.

mr burns tick tock
Me waiting patiently for ‘Jesus Is King’

As a die-hard Kanye fan who has legitimately dedicated their entire Friday to this album, I’m pretty upset that it’s been pushed back yet again. But it turns out I’m not the only one, because #JesusIsKing is already the #1 trending topic on Twitter mere minutes after the news dropped.

But rest assured, lil Yeezes, we’ll be sure to keep you updated the minute Kanye finally sorts his shit out and drops the sacred album we’ve all been waiting for.