Jessica Mauboy is definitely entering into her Hot Girl Summer with her brand new single, ‘Glow’, marking both a return and a reboot for one of Australia’s most well-loved and celebrated artists.

The new single from the proud Kuku Yalanji and Wakaman woman is definitely a bit of a needed refresh, reboot and reintroduction to the Jessica Mauboy we’ve known for the last decade and a bit. After a label move and spending the last couple of years reflecting on the kind of person she is, Jessica noted in a release said that she had grown tired of being a “yes” person, and instead needed time to step back, start over, and allow herself to grow.

The result? A track that ushers in a gorgeous new era that’s fresh, fun, and fucking fabulous.

I’ve been slapping this one on the daily since the review copy landed in my inbox, and it absolutely feels like a big summery schmood. Like I want to simultaneously drink wine in the back garden on a balmy night to this and then hit the club and get sweaty to it.

“Glow stems from realising it’s okay to stop, zoom out and start over fresh.” Jessica said in a release about the single.

“I really wanted to capture that sense of knowing myself. Glow is my confidence song; It’s my reminder that I’m where I need to be, that I’m just being. And that’s okay.”

Yes queen go off, we love this for you.

Jessica worked with George Maple and sparkly electronic duo Cosmo’s Midnight on ‘Glow’, shifting her sound into a stunning, shimmering disco-pop vibe that you could easily pop on at a dinner party, or in a full-blown hoon. There’s rarely a moment where this infectiously fun genre of music can’t be enjoyed.

In fact, the main inspiration for ‘Glow’ stems directly from Jessica watching her mum dance around the kitchen to iconic pop-disco divas like CherDiana Ross and Donna Summer.

“I had all the in-depth thoughts while writing Glow, but also I just felt sparkly. I felt new. I felt rebooted. And I wanted it to feel like you’ve known this song forever,” she said.

“Glow came from a place of being in love with myself. And I think everyone has, through these past two years, had time to understand what and who they are. When it does get quiet, you hear and see yourself a little bit more.”

You can catch Jessica on The Boss Lady tour next year with Caiti Baker, which is set to whip around the country across March and April.

Image: Georges Antoni