Watch Jessica Mauboy’s Stunning Eurovision Performance Of ‘We Got Love’

In case you somehow missed it, the Eurovision Song Contest is happening right now, kicking off at the somewhat antisocial hour of 5am Australian time, and our very own Jessica Mauboy just blitzed the grand final with a stirring performance of her song ‘We Got Love‘.

Our own Dami Im made it all the way to second place in 2016, and this killer performance may be enough to push Australia right to the top – I GUESS WE’LL FIND OUT SOON.

Jessica Mauboy seems to have had a blast in LisbonPortugal in the lead-up to the competition. Here she is with a few words for Ryan Reynolds after he questioned why the bloody hell our nation has a place in the competition when Canada does not:

Here she is feeling the love at the Aussie welcome party:

And here she is making various Eurovision contestants say ‘We Got Love’ in their own languages:

The grand final will be broadcast again tonight at 7.30, in case you have some kind of philosophical objection to waking up at 5am and would like to watch it with some friends and a drink or two. Get amongst it.