Jay Z Minds The Gap And Catches The Tube To His London Concert

He’s got 99 Problems, but an expired Oyster card ain’t one. Recently de-hyphenated rapper and Mr Beyonce Jay Z was joined by Coldplay’s Chris Martin, producer Timbaland and a 10-strong entourage when he surprised commuters by taking the London Underground to his show at the O2 Arena yesterday.

Martin and Timbaland later joined Jay Z on stage to perform Heart of the City (Ain’t No Love). Jay’s no stranger to public transport, utilising the New York subway (and making friends with an old lady who didn’t know who he was along the way) to get to his Brooklyn Arena shows late last year. Rihanna also surprised tube-riders late last year, choosing to take the train to her own O2 Arena show..

Jay Z reportedly takes his stage name from the J/Z line on the New York subway system, but opted not to change his name to The Jubilee Line for the London concert.

Lead image via @mattywillywilson