Jay-Z Doco Adresses Brooklyn Sporting History

Proud Brooklynite Jay-Z is all about his buruogh. Part owner and key figure in the relocation of the Brooklyn Nets back from New Jersey, Jay-Z opened the brand new all purpose Barclay Arena with an 8 night run of shows at across September and October. Where I’m From documents the 8 night stretch, detailing not only the groundbreaking show, but delving deeper into the importance of the event as a celebration for the people of Brooklyn.

Never shying away from an opportunity to plug his Nets, who’s return to Brooklyn prompted the construction of the new state of the art facility, Jay-Z also gives a touching nod to the past towards the end of the film. Built on the thre same grounds as the Brooklyn Dodgers (LA Dodgers since ???)

Image by: Ronald Martinez via Getty