Los Angeles, like Jared Leto, tends to be one of those divisive entities that provokes responses rarely described as ‘indifferent’. ‘City of Angels’, directed by front-man and method actor Leto, is the singer/actor’s ambitious paean to the city that gifted us with screen legends like Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and the cast of The Hills

Featuring cameos from Kanye West, Olivia Wilde, Alan Cumming, Lindsay Lohan, Selena Gomez, James Franco, Juliette Lewis, Corey Feldman, Ashley Olsen, Shaun White, Steve Nash, Lily Collins, a cast of street performers, and the homeless (amongst others), ‘City of Angels’ is a surprisingly heartfelt and captivating music video masquerading as a short film exploring the reality and the (dis)illusion of all that the city represents, set to the kind of soaring, outward-reaching music that demands a full stadium of 18,000 screaming California girls.