How good is free shit? Well according the The xx, not good enough, which is why they teamed up with iTunes 12 days of Christmas (yep, still going) to give away some nice little exclusives for fans. 

The videos for ‘Chained’ and ‘Angels’, both of which form the other half of the xxmas EP came out in the last week of 2012, but from today, there’s also a neat remix by Mr xx himself of their excellent tune ‘Sunset’. It’s also only available in territories outside the US, which is practically unheard of, so take full advantage to rub it in your Brooklyn cousins’ faces. The band also dropped a cover of Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ around the festive season, which was surprisingly awesome. 

Download the xxmas EP for free here

Jamie also contributed production to one of the songs from Alicia Keys‘ new album, which totally flew under the radar at the end of last year but is pretty incredible, too.

Talented British kids; no use hating them because they’re so easy to love. 

via The FADER