James Franco And Lenny Kravitz Bro Down, Rub Asses In Guitar Hero Battle

Battle Lenny Kravitz? At Guitar Hero? Who would be so ballsy?
James Franco. James Franco would.
The two go head-to-head in a jam session to Kravitz’ hit track ‘Are You Gonna Go My Way’ in a new trailer for the forthcoming Guitar Hero Live – and we’ve gotta say, it’s nice to watch an advert that isn’t immediately recognisable as such i.e. hits you around the head with brand messaging.
It’s just James and Lenny, Lenny and James, challenging each other to win the crowd’s approval [spoiler: JF spits the dummy because he’s shite compared to Lenny, and sends a guitar to its grave].
As the Guitar Hero dudes say, “We just let them loose” and this is what happened.

Guitar Hero Live will be available on October 20 on PlayStation4, PlayStation3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, the Wii U™ console + iOS devices.
James Franco and Lenny Kravitz each sold separately, batteries not included.
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