James Curd’s Top Five Tunes To Play Out

As a precursor to Saturday’s show at Adult Disco Pedestrian asked Chicago native and DFA approved DJ/Producer James Curd to share the five tunes he’s most willing to play out. All killer, no filler as Sum 41 might say or jams that are just too sublime to fade prematurely. Take it away James…

High Powered Boys – “Hoes Get Down”
Sounds like old Chicago house and I can’t help myself from just looping the beginning and teasing it in a bunch of times before letting the whole track play!

Colors Sound System – “Yeah Mate I Hate” (Manuel Sahagun Remix)
I found this song last summer and after all this time it still pops up in almost every one of my sets!

Todd Terje – “Eurodans” (New Mjondalen Disco Swingers Remix)
Every time I play this it gets a shocking reaction. It doesn’t sound like something that would work in a club but before you know it people are dancing with a smile on their faces. It also gives me a bit of fun playing a little bit of homage to some G-Swing style in my sets.

Budzillus feat. Thalstroem – “Der Untergang” (AKA AKA Remix)
Another hint of swing in the mix. I love the bass and the vocal scats! It’s also a much more updated version of the G-Swing style with a tech house edge!

Black Rose – “Anthem”
I just got up on this recently. It’s a driving fun jam with a lot of Regga thrown in for good measure!