James Blunt Is Getting A Show On Smooth FM & Yr Mum Probs Has A Wide-On

The first sentence you should be saying every time you step into a taxi and/or Uber post-11pm on a weekend is your destination address.

The second, without a shadow of a doubt, should be a very slurred “HEY BUDDY CAN YOU PLS TURN THE RADIO TO SMOOTH FM OR GOLD FM?”

The easy-listening station is easily the best in the land, pumping out a parade of hits fit for any bawdy ride between venues.
And if you happen to be cruising by your local fish & chippery on a casual Sunday evening, you’ll soon be more than likely hearing some familiar dulcet, surprisingly self-deprecating tones.
British singer person and man for whom K-Mart‘s CD section is solely kept in business James Blunt is returning to the airwaves on Smooth for another tilt at the guest host chair that he’s filled on multiple occasions since 2013 (seriously).
Blunt will be filling the Sunday afternoon slot from 4pm, starting May 28th and running until June 18th.
This is the first time Blunt has graced the golden airwaves of Smooth since 2015, and follows on from a slew of other guest hosts the station has featured, which includes the likes of Dolly Parton, Barry Gibb, Neil Diamond, Elton John, and Olivia Newton-John.
So sayeth the man himself:
I’ve had a great time in this country, I was so lucky really to come here to hang out on ‘X-Factor,’ lived on Bondi… I’ve been looked after phenomenally by the Aussies, toured here so many times, so I’m always incredibly grateful to be back, thanks for having me.”

There you have it, folks. The sound track to your lazy Sundays in the laundromat is being sorted by that bloke. And, while his music taste this time around is yet to be seen, you can almost guarantee there’s gonna be some sly digs at various things because the guy is low-key extremely funny.

Exhibit A.

You’ll be able to tune in on Smooth 95.3 in Sydney, Smooth 91.5 in Melbourne, and Smooth DAB+ nationwide.

Source: Supplied.
Photo: Eduardo Parra/Getty.