Jack White Directs New Dead Weather Video

Jack White shreds the guitar, howls like a banshee and dabbles in acting but in Dead Weather’s new video for “I Cut Like A Buffalo” Mr. White adds yet another string to his weirdo bow – Directing.

As one might expect the video is slightly unnerving, a lil’ film noir and all sorts of kooky. I feel like someone might stab me from behind the computer screen you know? Having said that it’s a lot less violent than the guns a blazin’ showdown of Dead Weather’s “Threat Me Like Your Mother” video. Instead of an apocalyptic shootout between Alison “Punching Bag” Mosshart and Jack “I Like Pain” White we’re offered redheads in veils, hula hoops, knives and of course dead buffalo just in case the visual metaphors are too hard to follow…