Musician Jack River has called on Channel Seven and corporate Australia to play local music in their coverage of the Olympics, as well as in banks, stores, and on ads – because the Aussie music industry needs all the support it can get right now.

The music industry has been hit extremely hard by the pandemic, with many artists losing revenue that they’d usually make from live gigs and tours. Unfortunately, streams on Spotify and Apple Music don’t cut the mustard. It’s almost laughable that local musicians could be expected to make money from royalties alone.

So it makes so much sense to support them in other ways, like Olympics coverage. That’s what Jack River has suggested and it’s a sentiment that a lot of people can agree with.

“How great would it be if you played all Australian music in your coverage of the Olympics? These are Australian moments, they deserve Australian music, ” River wrote on Instagram.

“And while we’re here, how good would it be to hear Aussie music in Coles, Woolies, Aldi, in banks, on hold, in stores and on ads being shown to Australians for the next few months.

“We need you more than ever.”

River has already received a massive outpouring of support from fellow musos like Lime Cordiale, TIGERLILY and Jaguar Jonze.

She also received a surprising message from Sunrise journalist Edwina Bartholomew, who said that Channel Seven would now be blasting Aussie tunes in the arvos for the Olympics.

Jack River Asked Channel 7 To Play Local Music In Their Tokyo Coverage & They Actually Did It

Love this!

According to Music Australia, the Australian music industry contributes $4 to $6 billion to the Australian economy. But did you know that 56% of all Australian musicians earn less than $10,000 for their creative income?

That’s absolutely fucked and it’s about time we gave musicians a little extra love and support. If I didn’t have music to help me through this pandemic, I would be a right ol’ mess.

Seven is showing their support, so now it’s time for Aldi, Coles, Woolies and other corporations to do their part too.

Image: Getty Images / Don Arnold