My friends, it is Friday. It is the Good Day™ and it is the day that Jack River has blessed us all with a magic cover of Savage Garden‘s ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply‘.

Gracing the Triple J studios in a stunning, glittering power suit made with what looks to be entirely silver sequins or the remnants of 40 disco balls, Jack River was flanked by a band of soulful musos equally as well-dressed, including Sydney-based angel Annie Hamilton on guitar.

Grooving through a very jazzy version of the classic Savage Garden track that I’m about 200% sure Darren Hayes himself would adore, Jack River & friends will absolutely turn your office/house/car/work site into a hormone-driven 90s school formal, so grab a mate and have a bit of a slow dance to this one (as long as they’re into it too.)



I thought the cover couldn’t get any better than what it already was, but then the saxophone slides in during the instrumental break and boy howdy, it just goes up to another level.

So take a moment to close your eyes for a minute and soak in this one, and then go right ahead and click play on her live version of her own track ‘Adolescent‘, which she also belted out.

I know I’ve joked that this year’s Like A Version compilation is going to be a 10-disc box set but at the rate that we’re going here, it could very well happen.