Isol-Aid Is Back & Fkn Packed With Acts Like Camp Cope, Alex Lahey, Big Scary & More

If you caught last weekend’s first Isol-Aid festival, that brought together an incredible number of Aussie bands and artists together in isolation to perform on Instagram live, you’ll be stoked to know that it’s back again this weekend with a whole smorgasbord of new sets.

Isol-Aid is back in stock on the shelves, this time with over 70 bands, artists, DJs, singers, performers, and just generally fantastic creative Aussies to help you not feel too alone in your social distancing and isolation.

I’m talking 20min streamed performances from the likes of Big Scary, Alex Lahey, Camp Cope, KingswoodAli BarterPhil Jameison from GrinspoonJosh PykeAlex The AstronautBUGSSam Cromack from Ball Park Music. Fucken TONNES of good Aussie bands, right in the palm of your hand, or in your loungeroom. What a damn treat.

Check out the whole bloody Isol-Aid lineup below, it’s a DOOZY.


A beautiful thing about having a whole festival’s worth of music zapped straight into your home is that you can really cut loose and boogie with no cares, unless you give a shit about what your housemates think of you, that is.

Once again it all kicks off at midday on Saturday over on @merpiremusic and @millylala‘s IG live, before flicking over for the first cab off the rank, Evelyn Ida Morris. Tune back in on Sunday at the same time, and you’ll catch the early acts like Allysha JoyMontaigneSui Zhen, and Angie Hart + Emma Heeney. You bloody beaut.

Oh and another bonus, there’s no bar queues at Isol-Aid festival, either. Nor is there people that are a bit too pissed (or there could be), or sleeping in a tent, or worrying about missing a set while on the toot. Isol-Aid literally a choose-your-own-adventure festival, and might just be the one thing to save you from certain cabin fever.

See you in the metaphorical pit.