A few days after Isabella Manfredi confirmed that her band The Preatures called it quits after ten years, the front woman has now opened up with more details about why the band split in a tell-all interview with Rolling Stone.

In the emotional interview, which Manfredi shared on Instagram, she opens up about her rollercoaster relationship with band mate Jack Moffitt and his constant infidelity.

“There were so many red flags throughout that relationship,” she told Rolling Stone.

“He was intensely private. I was never allowed to look at his phone or computer — which I thought was totally normal at the time — but it is not normal. I never knew his password for anything.

“I was deeply scolded and shamed if I wanted to use anything of his or be in his privacy. And he also didn’t want our relationship to be public, from the get-go of the band.”

In 2019, Moffitt and Manfredi’s ten-year relationship came to an end after she discovered yet another incident of cheating. Previous instances of cheating and lying is what prompted Manfredi to write her debut solo track, Jealousy.

While together, Moffitt claimed that it would be better for the band if she appeared single, meanwhile he was picking up and chatting to other women.

“My truth was that I was in love with him and I wanted to celebrate our relationship,” Manfredi said.

“But his truth was that he was using that ambiguity to pick up other women at shows, pick up other women on Instagram by telling them that we were together, but we were breaking up, or we were in the middle of breaking up… Or that we weren’t really together.

“But at the same time, he could benefit from the fact that he worked with me and that women trusted me, and so he became the guy that was good at working with women.”

The Is This How You Feel? singer is now happily engaged to partner Rupert Perry and is pregnant with her first child.

Isabella Manfredi doesn’t want to villainise Moffitt, but by telling her story she wants people to understand that he is just a product of a culture where that kind of behaviour is tolerated.

“I believe silence and ambiguity are what allow this shitty behaviour to be tolerated and normalised within our communities, our industry, our friendship circles, so I’m speakin my truth with as much dignity and respect as I can honestly give,” Manfredi wrote on Instagram.

Read the full interview here.

Image: Getty Images / Wendell Teodoro