An IRL ‘Brianstorm’ Somehow Has UK Arctic Monkeys Fans Excited For Rain

Firstly, a few facts:

  • Each year in the UK, the Met Office provides meteorologists with a list of names they can use for severe storms. Their reasoning is that calling a storm Franklin or Gertrude is far more memorable than Amorphous Mass Of Damp Air #15,045, and having that kind of centralised naming convention helps everyone keep track of what’s going on in the sky;
  • In 2007, Arctic Monkeys released Brianstorm, the juddery first single from their sophomore album Favourite Worst Nightmare;
  • Ten years later, the Met Office has officially deemed the next storm worthy of naming will be given the moniker… Brian.

You can probably see where we’re going with this one now.

In the week since the Met Office dropped their new list, which also includes citizen-suggested names like Larry, Octavia, and Winifred, fans of the indie rock juggernauts have realised they’re in for a real-life Brianstorm (Storm Aileen is just wrapping up).

Seeing their breathless posts, one wonders when Britons have ever been so excited about yet another block of pelting rain: references to the tune’s sketchily-dressed main character abound, along with general adoration for Alex Turner’s gang and their frenetic tune.

The band has been fine-tuning their follow-up to the 2013 smash AM, and some fans have attached some mystical significance to the impending Brianstorm because of it.

As for confirmation on dates for the new LP, well… We’ll see you later, innovators.