Interpol Bassist Makes Films, Rest of Band Make Timbaland References.

Proving they haven’t shriveled up and died in some dark Transylvanian cave, the boys from Interpol have written an open letter to fans which reads partly like a progress report and partly like promotional material for their forthcoming album the most “vital” to date – their words not mine.

The juiciest bit of news in the letter is probably bassist Carlos D’s film project “My Friends Told Me About You” self described as “part of a psychosis derived from the overabundance of positive value assignments made by a crowd choosing a particular visage to carry these assignments.” Or in layman’s terms it’s a movie about celebrity, something Dengler should know all to well. He was after all the eponymous subject of “Carlos D Has Herpes” the best example of a disgruntled cuckold empowered by the internet.

If only the following letter was as interesting…

Cherished Interpudlians,

It’s been a long time. We shouldn’t have left you…

After the touring for OLTA came to an end, we all dispersed to tend to our individual personal lives.
…And to get our ducks in a row.

Now the band has reconvened, and we are rehearsing new songs.

We find ourselves marveling at the tremendous focus
that has defined our early rehearsals for this, our 4th effort.

All kidding aside, we feel like a new band.

Once again, we have no concept to this batch of song-writing.
(We are often asked about our intentions when we set out to write music.)
There is rarely any intention to this process.
We just make the music.

And without going into too much detail, the songs sound vital.

It’s as though we’ve hit upon a balance between our urgency and
our calm. And true to our better work, this is music that unravels over time.

We anticipate that, once it’s done, you high-minded folks will welcome the music…
into your bedrooms…to swagger and breathe…

It’s still early, yet, though. We will keep you posted.

In the meantime, a couple of us have kept ourselves busy with extra-curricular activities. Carlos has made a film called My Friends Told Me About You and Sam has released a record with his band Magnetic Morning..

And we hope that you’re all weathering well the turmoil of the age.