Iggy Pop Returns With Raw Power

It’s taken seven unsuccessful nominations before the moment has finally arrived: Next month on 15 March seminal punk band The Stooges (including, of course, the ripped and wiry one himself Iggy Pop) will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

In a stroke of synergy most convenient, the following month The Stooges are releasing a reissue of legendary 1972 record Raw Power – one of the most visceral, ear-bleedingly nascent, influential albums in the history of punk-rock.

According to The Stooges’ myspace page Raw Power is being released in two versions: “a two-CD Legacy Edition with a ‘George Peaches’ live recording and a three-CD/one DVD Deluxe Edition with a rarities disc and documentary on April 13.”

You know what reissues mean: WORLD TOUR TIME.

Iggy Pop may not be the speed-balling, self-harming, penis-exposing trainwreck that he was in the 70s but he still knows how to tear up a stage. Case in point: Big Day Out 2006. The man was 50 at the time:

Via Ology.com