He may look like a mop wrapped in leather wearing skinny jeans that’s animated by dark magic, but the world has a whole lot of love for Iggy Pop. Very understandably, as he’s been making incredible music since the ’60s and is also just the most charming, hilarious dude.

Just when you don’t think ol’ James “Iggy Pop” Osterberg, Jr. can’t get any better though you find out he not only as a goddamn pet cockatoo, he also has an Instagram dedicated to its antics.

The noble bird is called Biggy Pop and is pretty new to social media apparently, with only 6 videos but they are all pure gold. This one features Iggy and Biggy both bopping along to the title track from Wild America (a personal fave): 

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Not sure if it’s weirder that Iggy’s listening to his own music or that he has a GODDAMN COCKATOO AS A PET.

If you are having even a slightly shitty day you definitely need to take a gander at the sheer unbridled mirth Iggy is going through watching the cockatoo follow his head movements:

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Good to know even 50 years of fame can’t sap your capacity to take joy in cool ass animals.

Source: Flavorwire.

Photo: Instagram / @BiggyPop.