Amethyst Amelia Kelly and Calvin Broadus Jr – otherwise known as Iggy Azalea and Snoop Dogg – are presently engaged in the most entertainingly petty hip hop feud in recent memory. 

It began a few weeks ago, when Snoop Instagrammed the below, highly unflattering image, and then followed it up by comparing Iggy’s looks with Marlon Wayans in White Chicks.

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Rather than get mad, Iggy decided to own it in the most spectacular way possible, and actually dressed up as one of the White Chicks for Halloween this weekend. 

Happy Halloween!

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Me @aleherself and @priscillaono

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@aleherself @priscillaono @jlo #JloHalloween

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In case these didn’t quite get her point across, Iggy ended things off with a montage of her dancing to ‘A Thousand Miles’. 

Bye haterzzzzz

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If this was an after school special, this would be the point where we fade out to the closing credits, after the main character finds her inner reserves of confidence and learns how to rise above the bullies.

High five, Iggy.