Always read the label, mates. Especially when it comes to buying concert tickets. And if a deal seems too good to be true, it almost certainly is. That’s the hard lesson one couple from the UK learned after buying what they thought were insanely cheap tickets to a Red Hot Chili Peppers gig in Ireland, only to discover they’d actually scored seats to the Red Hot Chilli Pipers instead.

Firstly, we must make this clear: There is a band called the Red Hot Chilli Pipers. They’re a bagpipe-based celt-rock ensemble that formed in Scotland back in 2002. They won the BBC‘s When Will I Be Famous? TV show in 2007, and have scored two Scottish Live Act of the Year awards. They’ve released five studio albums, two of which went platinum in their native Scotland, and one – 2010’s Music for the Kilted Generation – reached number two on the US Amazon charts. They even appeared on the soundtrack of How To Train Your Dragon 2.

Their name is also very similar to that other US band some of you are fans of. Herein lies the bamboozle.

Duncan Robb thought he’d scored the deal of a lifetime, paying £30 each for Row Q tickets at the show in Belfast, Ireland. He was stoked that the February 10th show meant he could knock out a Valentine’s Day weekend away with his girlfriend, and gifted the trip to her at Christmas.

The tickets arrived a month later, and neither one of them noticed the mistake until three days before the trip. Observe.

Funny thing here is that he wasn’t the only one who made the mistake for that very same show, with another punter tweeting a similar predicament.

For the record, all parties concerned wound up going to Belfast and attending the show anyway. And why wouldn’t you, because the Red Hot Chilli Pipers absolutely own.

The band themselves commented on the ticket mixup, stating that “We’re always extremely careful in all advertising. We’ve made sure to put kits and bagpipes on all the pictures. We would never ever try to pass ourselves off as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, we respect them too much.

All in all, that’s a hell of a decent Valentine’s Day treat, as far as we’re concerned.

Source: Newsweek
Image: Getty Images / Christopher Polk