Ladies and gents, get ya skivvies out. It’s Wiggle time.

ICYMI The Original Wiggles Are Reuniting For An Adults-Only Pub Show In 2016

Finally, our generation gets its chance to sink some brews with national icons Anthony, Greg, Murray and Jeff, because Australia’s greatest ever band are re-assembling their original line-up for a one-off pub show. 

Prepare to get looser than Henry the Octopus.


Yes…. The rumours are true! To celebrate 25 years of The Wiggles, the original Wiggles are getting together for a…

Posted by The Wiggles on Friday, 13 November 2015

And JUST when you thought the concept couldn’t get any more perfect, let it sink in that all proceeds from the most perfect entertainment event of all time will be going towards the continued recovery of their mate David Savage – a soldier who was injured while serving Afghanistan.

Yes indeedy, take heart in the knowledge your sloppy and belligerent renditions of children’s songs will finally be going to a worthy cause. 

The gig is slated for some time early next year, so you have plenty of time to perfect your Dorothy The Dinosaur moves, and hopefully work out how to clap in Rockabye Your Bear without spilling a drop.

Words fail. Only joy remains.

Story via The Guardian.
Image: Mark Metcalfe via Getty.