How Many Famous Gals Can You Name In Taylor Swift’s Independence Day Family Portrait?

America’s babysitter Taylor Swift celebrated her Independence Day weekend the exact same way you did, provided you’re a red-blooded American good time gal with great bone structure and a beachfront mansion. 
Not unlike you, she spent her weekend baking saccharine apple pies, riding sea turtles and assembling a coterie of famous female friends at her $17.7 million Rhode Island manse for a sepia-toned family portrait in occasion of freedom, justice, truth and liberty for one and all, which is also the reason you’re here today to answer the following very important question. 
How many of Taylor Swift’s famous lady mates can you name in a single sitting?
From (L) to (R), I get: Lena Dunham and Vanessa from Gossip Girl; assorted model-actresses like Australia’s Amanda Griffith, Jess Stam and Jamie King; [blank], [blank], [blank]; Emma StoneIf you’re able to fill in the blanks, kudos, I guess? Do with that information what you will. 

UPDATE: Cool, so that’s Ingrid Michaelson and Odeya Rush. One blank remaining. You can do it!