Hot Chip, Friendly Fires, Liars Announce New Albums

What do Hot Chip, Liars and Friendly Fires all have in common? Well besides falling into the categories “bands” and “humans” – not a lot. The three acts however, have all recently promised new albums so to save time and space we’re going to tell you all about it in one giant post. Ready. Set. Go!

UK trio Friendly Fires have announced a followup to their debut self titled album which is slated for a May release. Speaking with BBC 6 the band’s frontman Ed MacFarlane revealed:

‘We have about four tracks done already, which is really good because we only came off the road about a month ago, so we’re really pleased with the way it’s panning out…We’re going to hopefully have all the songs finished by the end of the year, record in January and have the album ready for May time, and do some festivals around then.’

Hot Chip on the other hand momentarily set aside the side projects and chose to break news of their fourth studio album via a post on their website:

“As you may already have heard, we can now reveal some diverting facts…. as events relentlessly continue to unfold inside the confines of Camp Hot Chip, we can reveal some diverting facts and interesting details of our plans for next year. There will be a new album, set for release in February, to warm the cockles of your soul right in the middle of the bleak mid-winter. We’re just completing the finishing touches right now, and we’re also gearing up for a return, possibly triumphant, to the live arena, as a UK tour is also in the offing for February.”

Liars unsurprisingly, were the most cryptic of all. Yesterday the New York based experimentalists launched a new site, The Sister World, which may or may not be the title of their fifth studio album. What we can tell you is that after some music blog speculation the band’s publicist has confirmed that a new LP will be released in early 2010.