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Brisbane babe Hope D has taken out the number #69 spot, and she’s pretty stoked about it. The song is titled ‘Second’, which is also pretty fitting for the cheekiest countdown position.

I’m sure the name Hope D has nothing to do with the other kind of D, but for the purposes of this article, yes it does.

Speaking to Triple J, the singer/songwriter was very excited to have the coveted position. She also dropped a fair few F-bombs, which we love to see (or hear, more like).

“I wouldn’t have it any other way – if it was anything else I wouldn’t take it,” she said about the #69 spot.

So how did the rest of Australia respond to the win? Well they simply thought it was “nice.” No i’m not being facetious, that’s really what they said.

The indie-rock banger was written about a time when Hope D was getting a bit too lit and needed to slow it down.

“Second is about a period of time in my life where I was going out partying too frequently and not being able to recall much from the night before,” Hope D told Pile Rats.

“It emphasises the thought of wanting to have a good time for at least a second – but I was doing this for so many ‘seconds’, that the time added up to what felt like years of forgotten nights.”

‘Second’ sits nicely wedged between Vera Blue ‘Lie To Me’ and Doja Cat ‘Boss Bitch’ (which also would’ve been a good fit for the #69 spot).

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