Holy mother of godTaylor Swift has managed to implode the internet from the core this afternoon, with the release of her new single ‘Look What You Made Me Do‘ sending people into veritable fits.

The lead single from her upcoming album Reputation is a Kanye-dissing, electro-filled, spoken word weird banger (the stupid thing grows on you with repeated listens, I swear), and the feelings online are completely overfloweth.

To say it’s a mixed reaction is an understatement of gargantuan proportions. Some are worshipping the air the tune occupies. Others are utterly baffled at the sudden switch in style. And then there’s those shook to their very core at the realisation that Swift wiped her social media profiles because the old Taylor is dead.

And if you think, even for a second, that Taylor isn’t deliberately steering into the mood of the whole thing, guess again, hoss.

My god. She is coming for everybody with this album.

Image: Getty Images / Frazer Harrison