As if you were looking for any more reason to throw on your most aggressively fluoro-pastel threads for the Sydney Gay And Lesbian Mardi Gras, Aussie booglords Client Liaison have revealed they’re playing at the event’s fuck-off huge party. 

The polyester-clad guns took to Facebook to make the announcement, and good God, if they didn’t look sharp while doing so.


This news comes in the light of Tegan & Sara’s surprise withdrawal from their much-hyped Aussie tour. The Canadian duo were set to feature at the party, which also boasts The Veronicas (!!!) on its roster.

Y’all can check out details of the Hordern Pavilion event right here. Until that lush 80s-tinged moment arrives, feel free to practice introducing yourself to Tom Tilley. Oh, also, listen to this for the next 24 hours:




Source: Client Liaison / Facebook.
Photo: Client Liaison / Instagram.

HOLY POLYESTER: Client Liaison Have Just Been Added To The Mardi Gras Party