We’ve teamed up with Cotton On who just launched their new collection at a rooftop mini-festival in Melbs. Check the guys range here, the girls range here, and all the photos from the night here.

Pat Stevenson of Hobo Incognito fame has shot every festival both dead or alive. From Big Day Out (RIP) to Soundwave (also RIP), Stereosonic (please, RIP soon), Splendour in the Grass and even Coachella and Lollapalooza, the 32-year-old photographer has seen all of your festival tomfoolery and the threads you wear to accompany it. Put lightly, some of you suck. But on the other hand, some of you are alright. 

Below: how to be a decent human next time a festival photographer requires your attention.

Photo: Pat Stevenson.

Pat, hello. You’ve shot at heaps of festivals – how does it differ from reg event photography?

Festival photography is incredibly more intense – the amount of music acts you need to bounce between, people are way more hyped up, the sheer number of punters at music festivals makes getting from the stage out to the front-of-house area way more harder – I am an absolute NINJA when it comes to working my way through a crowd.

I love shooting clubs and regular event stuff but the energy at a music festival can’t be matched, when the artist controls 30,000+ people it’s a surreal experience.

Photo: Pat Stevenson.

What kinda looks do you dig when working street style at festivals?

I love weirdos. I try to stray from people wearing what the mannequins are kitted out with at General Pants or Glue – I like people who take some pieces from those type of clothes stores and make it their own.

Interesting hair and makeup for girls gets me, and dudes with odd beards or something that’s not the norm will always draw me towards them. I used to work in fashion retail for eight years before picking up a camera so I like to think I have a good eye for interesting outfits.

Photo: Pat Stevenson.

For inspo on your own upcoming festival outfit, check the latest women’s and men’s collections from Cotton On, as well as street style from their rooftop mini-festival.

…. And what do you hate?

Dudes with their shirts off at music festivals – unless you’re 10,000 deep in a Rammstein mosh pit and it’s 90c it makes sense, otherwise there’s no need to show off. Also girls wearing those barely-there shorts turns my camera straight off.

ALSO, if you’re asking for a photo I will turn the other way and just squeal a high frequency noise which disrupts your bowels.

Photo: Pat Stevenson.

How can someone catch your eye in a sea of same-same?

Two dudes could be wearing the exact same outfit – one of the dudes could be standing there bobbing his head, the other could be doing cartwheels and dancing like no one is watching – I will always drift towards the person with the energy. It’s amazing how good an outfit can look on a body that’s midair, doing a backflip.

Photo: Pat Stevenson.

Is it obvious when people are dying to have their photo taken and what is your reaction to that?

Of course, 95% of girls know their ‘good side’ and it’s painful when I ask a group of well-dressed girls for a photo and they argue for five minutes, trying to figure out who can be on the left or right cause they look best that way.

Just smile, dance and let me do my job! Sometimes I can smell the desperation on some punters who want their photo taken – I can feel it in my periphery – I usually just walk the other way.

Photo: Pat Stevenson.

Do you want ’em to pose or nah?


Photo: Pat Stevenson.

Duly noted – basically you’re not gunna have a fire DP if you’re a try-hard. 

To get cracking for your next festival ~look~, check out Cotton On‘s new range here (remember to add your own flava, punters). There’s also plenty of style here to inspo ya from their recent rooftop mini-festival with the likes of Steph Claire SmithJacko BrazierBrooke HoganLisa Hamilton, Paces, Yolanda Be Cool and Alex Dyson in attendance. 

Photo: Jacob Thompson & Matt Dunne / Cotton On.

Photo: Pat Stevenson / Supplied.