Swedish clothing label H&M have apologised for using a song by Melbourne producer Harvey Sutherland without permission in an ad posted this Monday.

In the now-removed Instagram post, H&M had responded to comments asking for an ID on the video’s sick-as synths by saying that the “song does not have a name” and that it had been “specifically produced for us”. The song was identified by a commenter as ‘Bamboo by Harvey Sutherland, who then took to the post himself to outline that H&M were using the song without permission.

You can see screenshots below:


Shortly after, the post became inundated with people demanding that the clothing giant pay Harvey. Here’s a sample of the comments, screenshot yesterday:

(Source: Instagram.com)

“We apologise and have now removed content featuring the music from all of our social media accounts,” a spokesperson for H&M told multiple media outlets late Tuesday.

H&M also confirmed they’re in discussions with Harvey, who in addition to producing music, is also a lawyer at Melbourne firm Studio Legal, which – no kidding – specialised in entertainment law and questions of intellectual property.

Sometimes, social media really pulls through, huh? We’re going to sit back and think of good things while giving ‘Bamboo’ a spin – here’s a link so you can too.

Image: Instagram

Source: The ABC