Aussie bogan icons Hilltop Hoods have fired back at controversial ticketing website Viagogo after their $90 tickets were allegedly resold for a whopping $400.

Now, I personally don’t know why anyone would spend $400 on Hilltop Hoods tickets. If you would legitimately drop four hundred actual dollars on a ticket please @ me because I would like to ask you some questions.

Matt “Suffa” Lambert, Daniel “Pressure” Smith and Barry “DJ Debris” Francis, who all apparently needed nicknames from, are currently touring the country to promote their latest record, The Great Expanse.

In an interview with ABC Radio Adelaide, the band clapped back at the ticket scalpers after their tickets were apparently being listed for up to $400, which Pressure called “outrageous”.

I agree. $400 is a stupid amount of money to spend on a Hilltop Hoods ticket. Also, don’t we all know that ViaGoGo is a bit dodgey by now? If you didn’t, viagogo is bad. Don’t do it. It’s never worth it.

“I wouldn’t pay $400 to see us. [I’d pay] $90 like the price is meant to be,” he said.

They also took to Twitter to share this very valuable lesson with fans.

Viagogo have repeatedly made headlines for their questionable practices and were even taken to court earlier this year over misleading claims regarding ticket scarcity.

The company has defended their actions, claiming that they make it clear that they’re an online marketplace rather than an authorised ticketer like Ticketek or Ticketmaster. However, their actions do not seem to support this claim, with official-looking Facebook event pages popping up that link fans to their site rather than the official ticket website.

“They set up like a Facebook event page and everything to appear to be the actual event page and I got shown this page and people on there were furious at us that we were selling tickets for $400 — but we’re not,” the band said.

Hilltop Hoods are not the first Aussie act to condemn the Swiss ticket scalpers, with Gang Of Youths, Tash Sultana and Amy Shark all coming out against the fraudulent practices.

“Don’t go to them, do not go to Viagogo … they’re the worst,” Pressure said in the interview.

Google has banned the website from appearing in top search results, but punters are still getting stuck with dodgy tickets. My advice? Only buy your tickets from the authorised seller.

Image: AAP Images / Paul Miller