For those who have played the timeless classic that is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, congratulations, you have played the best video game ever created. If you haven’t, please place all life activities on hold and sort your shit out. Please. 

Originally released on the Nintendo 64, Ocarina of Time was not only beautifully designed around one of the most engaging narratives ever told, it also has a catchy-as-shit soundtrack. It’s scientifically impossible to listen to Saria’s Song without it being ingrained in your every thought for at least 3 hours after. 

HEY LISTEN: The ‘Ocarina Of Time’ OST Is Getting A Lush New Vinyl Release

If all of the above excites aggressive feelings of nostalgia in you, then hold on to your fuckin’ flutes, pals, because you can buy the soundtrack on gorgeous coloured vinyl as played by the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra.  

Appropriately titled, Hero of Time, the one hour arrangement is based on Koji Kondo‘s original score to the video game. It’s officially licensed and will be recorded by the orchestra in 2017. You can pre-order it now for 40 dollarydoos from the iam8bit store, which will ship in Q2 2017. 

HEY LISTEN: The ‘Ocarina Of Time’ OST Is Getting A Lush New Vinyl Release

In the meantime, you can suss the synthesised demo below. Prepare for a heavy yearning to dust off your N64 and beat the shit outta some Skulltulas

Source: Kotaku.

Photo: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.