We’ve teamed up with Pandora to bring y’all Laneway coverage in 2017. The music streaming / discovery service has it’s own pop-up photo booth at the festival, so be sure to pop ya head in if you’re hitting Sydney this w/e. Can’t make it? Get around ‘em here

But I’ve got to say, it brings me great, unsensual pleasure that Laneway’s held its own and triumphed through this cooked time.

For one, it’s always got a phenom line-up (Glass Animals, Jagwar Ma and Tash Sultana are hitting it this year, to name a few), but it also reps hella decent far-shun.

Due to the stellar artists who gather for St Jerome’s annually, the get-ups for this one are more a musical expression than head-to-toe come at me bro.

Honestly though. Check the above snaps from Melbourne‘s Laneway over the weekend.

Photos: Amy Whitfield.