Hear Two New Arcade Fire Tracks

After cock-teasing the internet like a prom date with ulterior motives, we were starting to wonder whether Arcade Fire would give us a happy ending or leave us with our pants down in the middle of a golf course. Thankfully it’s the former as the web-savvy Canadians have made good on the cryptic internet postcard and criminally brief previews they dropped earlier this month.

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you “The Suburbs”/”Month Of May” the 12″ double A side they previewed last week. Have a listen below.

“The Suburbs”

Another song by c22113

“Month Of May”

This Band and its new song by c20917

UPDATE: Album release date for The Suburbs has just been announced: 2 August 2010.

Via Vulture

Title Image by Anton Corbijn via Getty