Hear The Basics Take Australia to Task in ‘The Lucky Country’

The Basics, otherwise known as ya boy Wally ‘Gotye’ De Backer and bandmates Kris Schroder and Tim Heath, released a brand new song today, and it’s safe to say you’ll be hearing a LOT more about it.

‘The Lucky Country’, which was posted a short time ago on the Facebook page of Get Up!, is an angry burst of protest that takes Australia to task for its greed, its complacency, its “second rate” leadership and the “fuck off, we’re full” mentality of some.
“With trust in politicians at an all time low, it’s surprising our airwaves aren’t filled with songs of dissent and outrage,” the band sand in a press release. Have a listen to ‘The Lucky Country’ right now:
The song is the title track of The Basics’ forthcoming EP.
Image via Facebook