Hear Gossip Girl’s Taylor Momsen Bad Tunes

Gossip Girl here. Spotted: Taylor Momsen channeling bad ’90s rock chicks in the vein of Alannah Myles. Does Little J really think being poor imitation of Alison Mosshart is a sensible job alternative to enjoying the scandalous lives of Manhatten’s elite dressed in Balenciaga sandals? Pretty Reckless career choice is you ask me. Talent doesn’t grow on trees Little J, but I hear a tree grows in Brooklyn – which is where you should make your way post haste if major public humiliation isn’t your cup of tea.

Feck. I can’t keep up this truly bad attempt at being Gossip Girl. This is a teaser of tunes from the debut EP of Taylor Momsen’s band The Pretty Reckless. It sounds Pretty Shit. Why the hell would you try to leave Chuck Bass and all the fabulousness of Gossip Girl to start an average Baby Animals-ish rock band in stained old petticoats? Madness…
She needs to take a lesson out of Holly Valance’s book and hold on to a good thing (starring on Neighbours is SO a good thing) while you’ve got it. xo xo.

Guess who else is branching into the music industry? Jersey Shore hero and serial ab flasher, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has released a hip hop track. Shiiiit – he’s almost as good as Kevin Federline.

Title Image: Still from Gossip Girl