Hayley Williams Announces She’s Releasing Solo Music To Get You Through Yr 2020 Hard Times

hayley williams

Hayley Williams just announced that she’s releasing solo music next year, so 2020 can hurry the fuck up already.

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The Paramore vocalist took to Twitter to thank fans for their well wishes on her 31st birthday (December 27) before sharing that she’s about to drop some new music that she is “going to call [her] own.”


After the incredible 80s pop-rock fever dream that was After Laughter, I’m not entirely sure my body can handle another Paramore/Hayley Williams release, but I’ll take whatever I can my grubby hands on.

Hayley shared that she developed the project “with the help of some of [her] closest friends,” so here’s hoping we get some Paramore flair in her solo work.

We’ve previously seen Hayley feature on songs like Stay The Night with Zedd, Airplanes with B.o.B and more recently, American Football’s 2019 track Uncomfortably Numb. You simply cannot help but stan her versatility.

Considering the band haven’t performed together since 2018, fans have obviously began to speculate that a solo Hayley Williams album could mean the end for the band as a whole.

Williams has previously said that she “doesn’t know what the future holds for Paramore”, and is enjoying being friends with her bandmates Taylor York and Zac Farro “without music.” She has also admitted that she and Taylor have both thought of disbanding Paramore in the past.

However, the band recently confirmed that their end-of-year Instagram post was *not* a breakup announcement, so here’s hoping we’ll be getting After Laughter 2.0 (After, After Laughter perhaps?) in 2020.

Regardless, Hayley Williams could take the pop world by storm and we are simply not ready for it. All hail Hayley Williams, queen of the universe.