Harry Styles Was So Hot On ‘SNL’ That His Dressing Room Caught Fire

Harry Styles brought so much fire to Saturday Night Live that he very nearly burned the place down. This news comes to you from a source (how we love a good ‘source’) who spoke to the UK press about an incident that supposedly took place during the recent Jimmy Fallon-hosted episode, when he was musical guest. 
Allegedly, Styles returned to his dressing room after performing his new song ‘Ever Since New York‘. Finding his loose-fitting white shirt to be too confining, he casually popped it off, tossing it to one side with the breezy nonchalance of a 23-year-old pop icon and paying it no more mind as he enjoyed his shirtless state. 
“A few minutes later his manager asked if he could smell burning,” said the source. “He’d thrown it onto a candle and the whole sleeve had set alight. He tried to stamp it out but then his sock caught on fire.” Ahh, yes. It’s the little details like the smouldering sock that really make stories like this seem plausible and not like made-up fan fiction. 
The source didn’t say what happened next, but when last we heard, Studio 8H was still standing, and we haven’t seen any stories about any former One Direction stars going up in flames, so someone obviously stepped in and saved the day. Anyway, now that’s cleared up, here’s Harry’s performance of Ever Since New York:
Source: Metro.
Photo: NBC / Getty Images.