Harry Styles’ Tiny Desk Concert Is Here To Temporarily Transport You From… All Of This

There’s something arresting about Harry Styles‘ new NPR Tiny Desk concert.

Perhaps I’m reading into this too much, but living through a pandemic makes working from an office — let alone piling into a crowded gig — feel vaguely menacing. Seeing Styles and his band strum tunes in a crowded workspace is both familiar and foreign. It’s a time capsule from February 2020, an era when fear hadn’t entirely suffused the way we work and live.

But it’s hard to dwell on those fears while a man wearing a baby-blue sweater sings about his crushes. It’s potentially the least threatening thing I can imagine, and Styles seems to fill the broadcaster’s office with a brightness I could certainly use.

Oh, he sounds good, too. Should probably mention that. If you feel like dipping into Styles’ harmless little world for a while, you can do so below — and maybe, hopefully, you can catch him in person when he tours Australia later this year.