Harry Styles Has Unveiled Deets For This Third Album And We’re Crying/Screaming/Throwing Up

harry styles new album harry's house

Prepare yourselves, for a new Harry Styles era is upon us. That’s right friends, foes and everyone in-between: our well-dressed king is giving us filthy plebs a new album. We are truly not worthy of such grace.

We don’t have much information on the album just yet but we do know some things. It’s called Harry’s House. It’s 13 tracks long. And it’s arriving on May 20th.

You know what? That’s right in the sweet spot at the end of autumn when the morning air is crisp and fresh and we can go for our silly little walks with our headphones crammed into our skulls playing Harry’s new album on repeat. True bliss.

Also, I assume this is the album art. I don’t know if I want to own those denim flares or be them.

A short but very exciting teaser trailer dropped with today’s announcement, which also doesn’t give away too many secrets. It includes flashes of flowers, city skylines, live concerts, grassy meadows, busy streets, fireworks and trains in a flurry of movement. Then it settles on Harry walking onto a stage in an empty theatre as the façade of his “house” is pulled up behind him.

You can bet your sweet ass I got goosebumps from this.

A very sneaky fan has played the whole teaser backwards. It seems to reveal a sample of what’s probably a sample of a new song from the gentle king.

Other Harry stans have gone off like a frog in a sock at the news of his third solo studio album, almost like clockwork.

It’s been a long three years since Fine Line and a shitload of stuff has happened in that time (including Harry shacking up with Olivia Wilde). There’s no doubt in my mind that Harry’s Place is going to be like coming home to a lot of fans. Like having a big, restorative exhale in a safe place.

We’ll keep you updated with everything we know about the new album as we find out more information. Until then, enjoy overhauling your whole aesthetic/aesthetic/life to match the sandy, earthy tones in this new cottagecore Harry Styles era.