Harry Styles Is History’s Jauntiest Lollipop Man After TV Gig Stops LA Traffic

How long would you allow Harry Styles to interrupt your commute? If the guy sprung out in front of you at a zebra crossing, complete with backing dancers and some truly luxurious pants, at what point would you begin creeping forward? Two minutes? Five? Would you chuck a u-ey after Sign Of The Times?

[jwplayer Wuw8HwZt]

This kind of harsh calculus surely danced in the minds of commuters in Los Angeles today, who were subjected to a Styles street concert. Footage from Twitter user @johnnyttsunami shows old mate prancing about, tearing into Kiwi and newie Lights Up, and clearly disrupting an arterial road.

Other Instagram accounts have aggregated footage from the scene, which will wind up in an upcoming episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden.

That footage features Styles on a zip-line, as seen in his Sign Of The Times video, and a bunch of folks wearing watermelon accoutrement. Maybe we’re reading into it too much, but those costumes may be a reference to his latest track Watermelon Sugar. Just a thought.

Also: here’s the guy rubbing his cheeks on a Honda.

As a matter of interest, I asked PEDESTRIAN.TV‘s Head of Editorial and resident One Direction stan Josie Rozenberg-Clarke what she would do if I were waylaid by a rogue British popstar.

So, there you go, Harry. If you feel like hopping on one of Melbourne’s finest trains with me and thirty snoozing tradies, before the sun even rears its ugly head, you are more than welcome.

If not, that’s cool. We’ll probably check out The Late Late show ep when it airs.