Hanson, who you probably know from the ’97 hit ‘Mmmbop‘ even though they’ve released a shitload of other tunes in the 20-odd years since, have taken a stab at Justin Bieber‘s music by likening it to chlamydia of all bloody things. 

During an on-air game of ‘Whose Song Is It Anyway‘ with Hit107FM in Adelaide, the youngest and self-appointed funniest of the by-blood trio, Zac Hanson, said:

I prefer not to get any venereal diseases. Whenever Justin Beiber gets near me or near my ears, it’s like hanging out with a koala. It’s just ear infections, they’re terrible.

The oldest brother, Isaac Hanson, added: “Chlamydia of the ear, it sucks.” 

Boys, boys, boys – not so wholesome after all. It’s an interesting comparison. But hey, I guess you could say that Bieber’s tunes are catchy like a diseased vagina or asshole. But if that really is where the association is being drawn, Hanson gave me the clap years ago and I never seeked treatment. 

Hanson are currently on the Aussie leg of their Middle Of Everywhere 25-Year Anniversary Tour and yes, there are still some tickets available HERE.

If you’re interested in hearing their new stuff, below’s their latest drop ft. all their children because they’re old now. Is it good? Up to you. But definitely CATCHY. 

Photo: Hanson, Rodin Eckenoth / Getty.